Future Meetings

Past meetings

2024 Melbourne

Keynote speakers: PROF PERRY PICKHARDT, MD, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, USA; ASSOC PROF CHER HENG TAN, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore; DR DAMIAN TOLAN, James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK

Hybrid meeting (live and on demand)

Delegates: 426 total (348 on-site, 78 on-demand)

RAB ARGANZ Meeting, Hanoi Vietnam

Speakers: A/Prof Tom Sutherland,  Dr Kirsten Gormly, Dr Jash Agraval, Dr William Siu, Vancouver.

Hybrid meeting translated into Vietnamese. Onsite Hanoi University Hospital 4-5 May 2024

Delegates: total ( on-site, 82 on-demand)

2023 Adelaide

Keynote speakers: PROF VALERIE VILGRAIN, Paris City University and University Beaujon Hospital, France, PROF GIUSEPPE BRANCATELLI, University of Palermo, Italy, DR JONATHAN RICHENBERG, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust. 

Hybrid meeting (live and on demand)  

Delegates: 403 total (305 on-site, 98 on-demand) 

2023 Adelaide program

2022 Sydney 

Keynote speakers: ASSOC. PROF ANIA KIELAR, Toronto General Hospital Canada, DR ALBERTO VARGAS, Chief Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, ASST. PROF MICHAEL P HARTUNG, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, PROF PERRY PICKHARDT, Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health   

Hybrid meeting (live and virtual)  

Delegates: 382 total (134 onsite, 248 virtual) 

2022 Sydney program

2021 Brisbane 

Keynote Speakers: PROF SEONG HO PARK, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center, Korea. DR JONATHAN RICHENBERG, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, United Kingdom. PROF CLAUDE SIRLIN UC San Diego Health, USA
Hybrid meeting with Auckland Hub.
Delegates: 411 (135 on-site, 276 virtual) 

2021 Brisbane program

2020 Brisbane 

Cancelled due to COVID-19 

2019 Auckland 

Keynote Speakers: Assoc Prof Koenraad Mortele, Harvard Medical School / Asst Prof Alessandro Furlan, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, USA
Delegates: 263 

2019 Auckland program

2018 Melbourne 

Keynote Speakers: Professor Anwar Padhani, Institute of Cancer Research, London / Professor Paul Sidhu, King’s College, London
Delegates: 312 

2018 Melbourne program

2017 Sydney 

Keynote Speaker: Professor Richard Baron, University of Chicago, USA
Delegates: 320 

2017 Sydney program

2016 Fremantle 

Keynote Speaker: Prof Yves Menu, St Antoine Hospital Paris, France
Delegates: 268 

2016 Fremantle program

2015 Melbourne 

Keynote Speaker: Prof Jeong Min Lee, Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea
Delegates: 307 

2015 Melbourne program

2014 Adelaide 

Keynote Speaker: Prof Andrea Laghi, Sapienza University, ICOT University Hospital, Rome, Italy
Delegates: 216 

2014 Adelaide program

2013 Brisbane 

Keynote Speaker: Prof Ronald Zagoria, Wake Forest Baptist Health, North Carolina USA
Delegates: 235 

2013 Brisbane program

2012 Melbourne 

Keynote Speakers: A/Prof Jeff Fidler, Mayo Clinic, USA / Prof David Lomas, University Cambridge, UK
Delegates: 244 

2012 Melbourne

2011 Sydney 

Keynote Speakers: Prof Derrick Martin, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester UK / Prof Giovanni Morana, General Hospital Ca’ Foncello, Treviso, Italy
Delegates: 232 

2011 Sydney program

2010 Melbourne 

Keynote Speakers: Dr Gina Brown, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK / Dr Stuart Taylor, UCL, London 

2010 Melbourne program

2009 Sydney – Inaugural Conference 

Keynote Speaker: Prof Luigi Grazioli, Spedali Civili di Brescia, University of Brescia Italy 

 2009 Sydney program

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