Published on 06 June 2024

By Admin

The ESGAR 2024 meeting was held 28-31 May in Gothenburg, Sweden, attracting 1509 delegates from around the world. Among the attendees were 71 Australians and 9 New Zealanders. The meeting offered an excellent program, covering a wide range of topics in abdominal and pelvic imaging, and catering to diverse audiences, from the School of ESGAR to advanced level 3 lectures.

Australian Speakers

Three Australian speakers made significant contributions to the meeting. Special congratulations to Dr Kirsten Gormly, who delivered the honorary lecture at ESGAR 2024, presenting an outstanding talk on “Improving radiology reporting globally and locally: Who, how and why? (and it’s not AI). Dr Jessica Yang delivered a lecture on “Liver Volumetry: how does it work” and Dr Arj Somasundaram presented in Tricky Cases From My Day Job, “A spot of blindness”, sharing their expertise and insights with the international audience.

ARGANZ @ ESGAR 2024 Dinner

The ARGANZ @ ESGAR 2024 dinner was a highlight of the week, attended by delegates and their partners at a stylish restaurant in the vibrant Gothenburg city centre. The Swedish tasting menu featured seasonal white asparagus, local fish and roe, offering a delightful Nordic culinary experience. The dinner provided a wonderful opportunity for Australian and New Zealand delegates to share meeting insights and exchange travel tips.

The ESGAR 2024 meeting was a resounding success, and we look forward to continuing our participation in future ESGAR meetings, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the abdominal radiology community.

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