• Obstetric and Gynaecology Special Interest Group

    OGSIG is where like-minded Radiologists come togetherto ensure that Obstetric and Gynaecological Imaging is practiced to the highest of standard in Australia and New Zealand.

    Annual Meeting 22nd Feb 2024. Crown Promenade Melbourne. More info here

  • The European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology 

    ESGAR is a not-for-profit, educational and scientific organisation founded by radiologists working in close association with gastroenterologists, hepatologists, abdominal surgeons, pathologists, and other allied specialists. Its members have a special interest in the imaging and treatment of patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and associated abdominal organs. 


    Annual Meeting: May 28-31, 2024, Gothemburg, Sweden 

    Meeting Venue
    Swenska Mässan
    Mässans gata 24
    412 51 Göteborg, Sweden

    Meeting President
    Prof. Lennart Blomqvist
    Karolinska University Hospital
    Department of Diagnostic Radiology
    171 76 Stockholm, Sweden 

  • European Society of Urogenital Radiology 

    ESUR, as a non-profit society is organized to promote interest in the advancement of urogenital imaging and intervention, and to stimulate the study of the normal and abnormal kidney, urinary tract and genital organs with emphasis upon the integration of roentgenology, ultrasonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, and any new imaging techniques as well as research on contrast media. 

    ESUR Prostate MRI: June 27-29, 2024, Zeist, The Netherlands

    Annual Symposium: September 19-22, 2024, Libson, Portugal

    More information about upcoming events can be found here

  • Australasian Gastrointestinal Trials Group 

    AGITG is a multi-disciplinary collaborative group of medical and research professionals that conducts clinical trials and related biological research to improve treatments for gastro-intestinal (GI) cancers: those of the oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, colorectal and anus. 

    Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group 25th Annual Scientific Meeting 

    18-21 November 2024

    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

    Registration will be opening soon!  

    The AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting serves not only as a forum for the presentation of state-of-the art overviews on the pathobiological and clinical aspects of GI cancer, but also affords the opportunity to the Australasian scientific community to explore future directions for research and collaboration.  The meeting provides GI cancer researchers and specialists with the opportunity to present their research and discuss the current challenges and recent innovations in a multidisciplinary setting. 

  • ANZUP Annual Scientific Meeting 

    21st-23rd July 2024, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

    The ANZUP Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) provides a platform for members to present their research, learn about new and existing ANZUP trials and hear about the most up-to-date management of GU cancers. 

    More information can be found here

  • Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand

    USANZ is the peak professional body for urological surgeons in Australia and New Zealand.  Founded in 1937, USANZ administers the Surgical Education and Training (SET) Program in Urology through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and organises Continuing Professional Development activities for its members.  

    Annual Meeting: 24-27th February 2024, Adelaide, Australia  

    More details can be found here

  • The Society of Abdominal Radiology

    SAR’s vision is to optimize patient health by leading advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abdominal disease. 

    SAR’s mission is to advance patient health by the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abdominal disease through education, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

    Annual Meeting: Sunday, April 14 – Friday, April 19, 2024, Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, Florida 

    Home page HERE

  • International Cancer Imaging Society 

    ICIS promotes education in oncological imaging and stimulates research in the study of human tumour behaviour, bringing together radiologists with an interest in oncological imaging for the exchange of ideas, and to organise scientific meetings, multicentre research studies and postgraduate courses within the field. 

    23rd Annual ICIS Meeting - 27-29 September 2024, Singapore  

    Meeting Website – HERE

    Abstract deadline: TBA

    You can choose from four abstract categories 

    • Oral Scientific Presentation 
    • Oral Case-Based Presentation 
    • Poster Scientific Presentation 
    • Poster Educational Presentation 

    Meeting Venue: The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG 

    Find more information here  

    AI and Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging – 30th June – 1st July, in Lisbon, Portugal 

    Following our highly successful event in 2019 attended by over 400 delegates from over 30 countries, our 2023 in-person meeting aims to promote better understanding and application of AI and machine learning in cancer imaging, and provide a multidisciplinary forum for radiologists, technicians/ radiographers, scientists and industry partners to discuss and interact. The meeting is organised jointly by the Champalimaud Foundation and the International Cancer Imaging Society.  

    The cost to attend this two-day meeting is €80 for residents/ €100 for non-residents/ €150 to register onsite. 

    Find more information here 

  • Indian Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology 

    ISGAR, formed in 2016, aims at improving diagnostic and therapeutic skills in abdominal radiology by providing a common platform of interaction to develop best practice guidelines through educational and research activities and interdisciplinary collaboration for improving patient care. 

    Annual Meeting: 2024 details TBA

    ISGAR has now launched a journal 

    The Journal of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology, JGAR.  

    Access at https://www.thieme.in/jgar-isgar/new/thieme-jgar.html

    Submissions can be made at http://www.manuscriptmanager.net/jgar   

  • British Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology

    The British Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (BSGAR) is a Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Radiologists and provides a forum for imaging, intervention and research in the care of patients with abdominal disease 

    Annual Meeting: 6th-7th February 2025, VIRTUAL

    Find more information here 

  • British Society of Urogenital Radiology 

    The BSUR is a Charitable Society, which aims to promote Urogenital Radiology as a specialty and to support education, training and research within this field. 

    Annual Meeting: 16th-17th May 2024, Manchester, UK

    More information to be announced soon, at this link

  • Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand 

    CSSANZ represents specialist colorectal surgeons in Australia and New Zealand.  The Society and its members promote the best evidence-based practice in order to improve the treatment of our patients.  

    CSSANZ Spring Meeting: 10-12th October 2024, Melbourne, Victoria

    Find more information about the meeting here

  • Australian and New Zealand Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery Association 

    ANZGOSA was formed in 2006, to provide a vehicle for improving the surgical management of diseases of the stomach, oesophagus and upper gastrointestinal tract. 

    More information HERE

  • Clinical Oncology Society of Australia 

    COSA is the peak national body representing health professionals from all disciplines whose work involves the care of cancer patients. 

    The COSA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) is Australia’s premier cancer meeting, held over three days each year, usually in November. The ASM is a multidisciplinary meeting, inviting participation from doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and scientists working in cancer care nationally and internationally. A different state hosts the ASM each year, with a specific theme and focus on a cancer type. 

    Annual Meeting: 13th-15th November 2024, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

    Find more details here  

  • Asia Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference 

    Multidisciplinary meeting focussing on prostate cancer.  

    Annual Meeting: 29-31 August 2024, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

    More details can be found here

  • Gastroenterological Society of Australia 

    GESA sets, promotes and continuously improves the standards of practice, training and research in gastroenterology and hepatology in Australia. 

    Annual Meeting: 2024 meeting details to be released soon  

  • Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group 

    The Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group is the national peak organisation for gynaecological cancer clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand. 

    ANZGOG’s Annual Scientific Meeting brings together national and international experts in gynaecological medicine, radiation and surgical oncology, exercise physiologists, quality of life researchers, as well as our partners in the pharmaceutical industry. 

    The meeting enables attendees to learn about the latest developments in gynaecological cancer and provides education and capacity-building opportunities amongst members and industry personnel. The meeting is attended by over 300 delegates (close to a third of ANZGOG membership). 

    For more information visit the ASM link here 

    Annual Meeting: 22-24th April, 2024 – Wellington, NZ 

    For enquiries about registration and sponsorship for the 2022 ASM, please contact ASM Secretariat – Encanta: anzgog@encanta.com.au 

  • The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists 

    • Founded in 1935, The RANZCR is a not-for-profit professional organisation for clinical radiologists and radiation oncologists in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.We administer training programs for admission into our professions, accreditation for overseas-trained specialists, and a continuing professional development program for our members. 
      • For more information and to register, visit the link here 
    • Annual meeting: 17-19 October, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Perth, WA 
  • Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine

    ASUM is a multidisciplinary society whose mission is to advance the clinical practice of diagnostic medical ultrasound for the highest standards of patient care.  


    Annual Meeting: 2024 details TBA


    Click the link here for the conference website, where you can find details on the program, registration, and much more!  

  • ASMIRT 2024

    The Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy is the peak body representing medical radiation practitioners in Australia. 

    Our mission is “To empower medical radiation practitioners for the health of all Australians”.  


    Members of the Society improve healthcare by: 

    • advocating for patients 
    • influencing local, national and international policy and practice 
    • advancing professional standards and pathways and 
    • leading and engaging in research and learning. 

    Our aims are to promote, encourage, cultivate and maintain the highest principles of practice and proficiency of medical radiation science, always mindful that the welfare of the patient should be at the centre of everything we do 

    Annual Meeting: 9-12th May 2024, Darwin 

    • Find more information about the conference here 


    Workshop submissions close 5th October 2023 


    Abstract submissions close 13th November 2023  


    ***Virtual attendence information to be released at a later date***  

    Contact the conference: conference@asmirt.org or 03 9419 3336 

  • European Society of Radiology 

    Founded in 2005, by merging the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) and the European Association of Radiology (EAR), the European Society of Radiology (ESR) is an apolitical, non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening and unifying European radiology. 

    Annual Meeting ECR: 28th Feb – March 3rd 2024, Vienna  

    • Find out more about the conference at this link 

    To register, click here 

    For abstract, click here 

  • American College of Radiology 2024 Annual Meeting

    The American College of Radiology (ACR), founded in 1924, is a professional medical society dedicated to serving patients and society by empowering radiology professionals to advance the practice, science and professions of radiologic care.  

    Annual Meeting ACR: 13-17th April 2024, Washington Hilton (virtual attendance possible) 

    Important dates  


  • Radiological Society of North America 

    • RSNA® is an international society of radiologists, medical physicists and other medical professionals with more than 54,000 members from 136 countries across the globe.  
      • Find out about 2022 RSNA abstract submission here 
      • Find out more info about the conference here 
    • Annual Meeting: 1st-5th December 2024, McCormick Place, Chicago 
  • Asian Society of Abdominal Radiology 

    The Asian Society of Abdominal Radiology (ASAR) was founded in 2007 under cooperation of Japanese Society of Abdominal Radiology (JSAR), Korean Society of Abdominal Radiology (KSAR) and Korean Society of Urogenital Radiology (KSUR). The aims of ASAR are to advance the study of abdominal imaging and intervention, in Asia, by encouraging radiological and clinical excellence, teaching, research and further education in the subspeciality, and ultimately to strengthen the Asian radiology and to reinforce competitiveness compared to American or European radiology.

    Annual meeting: 11th to 14th July 2024, in Chengdu, China. Find more details here

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