A&NZ Abdominal Radiology Fellowship List

ARGANZ is aware of a number of sites in Australia and New Zealand offering Fellowships which have at least some component covering Abdominal Imaging. 

The list below is intended to serve as a guide only and interested parties should contact the hospital directly for further information. ARGANZ does not guarantee that the fellowships listed will always be available. If you are aware of a fellowship that should be included in the list or is no longer offered please email us at info@arganz.org 

List of fellowships

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW

Who can apply:  Post FRANZCR or equivalent (Post Graduate fellowship)

Name of Institution:  Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 
Contact person / email: Reuben Haupt – Director of Operations Reuben.Haupt@health.nsw.gov.au
Body Imaging Fellowship: 1 year. The role will provide additional training to a qualified Radiologist to develop subspecialty expertise in body imaging. The Fellowship will further develop core imaging skills through exposure to complex and high-end body imaging reporting and all associated clinical duties undertaken in RPA Radiology. The Body Imaging PGF will work closely with a range of speciality services including liver and renal transplantation, specialised surgical services and comprehensive oncology (surgical and medical) services across RPA Radiology; RPA Hospital and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (Lifehouse).

Gosford Hospital, Gosford NSW 

Who can apply:  Preferably post 5th year but anyone with FRANZCR or equivalent including those who have had specialist assessment with the RANZCR.
Name of Institution: Gosford Hospital. Holden St, Gosford NSW 2250
Contact person / email: Carolin Girvin - Caroline.Girvin@health.nsw.gov.au
MRI Fellowship: 1 year. includes Abdominal/Gynae and urological imaging
Emergency Radiology Fellowship: 1 year.  Includes Abdominal/Gynae and urological imaging  

Royal Perth Hospital, Perth WA 

Who can apply:  Post FRANZCR or equivalent
Name of Institution: Royal Perth Hospital. Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000
Contact person / email: Fellowship Coordinators - Imagingservices.RPH@health.wa.gov.au
Diagnostic Abdominal Fellowship: 12 months dedicated Diagnostic Abdominal Fellowship in a Subspecialty Reporting Department. Subspecialist supervisors with MRI reporting and opportunities for MDM involvement in hepatobiliary, pancreatic, upper & lower GI (including anorectal MRI, MRE & CTC), urology & trauma imaging. Education focussed department with daily teaching / case review sessions. Inner city State Trauma Centre. Combined Diagnostic & Interventional Abdominal Fellowship as well as dedicated Interventional Abdominal Fellowship also available. Subject to availability, may possibly be combined with other diagnostic areas (eg. Abdo/Breast Imaging). 

The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne VIC 

Who can apply:  Post  FRANZCR (Advanced training fellowships)
Name of Institution: The Alfred Hospital. Punt Rd, Melbourne VIC 3181
Contact person / email: Dr Samantha Ellis –  s.ellis@alfred.org.au
Body Fellowship: 1 year, commencing February. This fellowships encompasses both thoracic, abdominal and pelvic imaging. The abdomino-pelvic component exposes the Fellow to imaging across multiple modalities including CT, ultrasound and MRI. The Fellow prepares for and chairs the weekly MDM’s including, but not restricted to, upper GI, hepatopancreaticobiliary, gastroenterology, hepatoma and colorectal. These meetings provide an invaluable learning experience while highlighting the important role we play in both diagnostics and therapeutics. Performing interventional procedures is a significant component of the daily workload ranging from basic ascitic taps right up to complex abdominal drain insertions and participating in image guided thermal tumour ablation. There is an expectation to participate in registrar mentoring and teaching. 

Austin Health, Melbourne VIC 

Who can apply:  Post FRANZCR (Advanced training fellowships)
Name of Institution: Austin Health. 145 Studley Rd, Heidelberg VIC 3084
Contact person / email: Kelvin Lim, Director of Fellowships - kelvin.lim@austin.org.au
Hepatobilliary Fellowship: 1 year. The Austin is the liver transplant centre for Victoria & Tasmania, and hence have a great array of interesting hepatobiliary pathologies.  In the course of this fellowship, the fellow will take the weekly Liver Mass/Hepatoma MDM and the HPB MDM. If interested, this fellow also has the option of taking the IBD MDM.
Oncology Fellowship: 1 year. Structure depends on the clinical interests of the fellow. In the past, the fellows have rotated through Colorectal and Uro-oncology tumour streams with rotations of 4-6 months.
Interventional Fellowship: 1 year.   Predominantly vascular-work, but does include hepatobiliary interventions (eg: PTC, TACE of HCC etc.) and difficult body drainages & biopsies that would account for approximately 30% of clinical time. 

Monash Health, Melbourne VIC 

Who can apply: Usually post FRANZCR
Name of Institution: Monash Health. 246 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168
Contact person / email: Dr James Burnes james.burnes@monashhealth.org
Enquires regarding the dates for advertising and application can be directed to Ann.Chui@monashhealth.org. Applications approx. April/May each year.
Abdominal & Pelvic Imaging Fellowship:  1 year from early February. The Fellow gets exposure to high level abdominal imaging, in particular Liver, Pancreas and colorectal MRI and CT. Fellows are responsible for taking three weekly MDT’s including – Cirrhosis / Liver cancer MDT, Upper GI surgery MDT, Hepato biliary surgery MDT. They also attend a fortnightly IBD MDT and have access to a weekly colorectal MDT 

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, VIC 

Who can apply: Post FRANZCR (ANZ candidates) or equivalent (international candidates)
Name of Institution: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, 305 Grattann St, Melbourne, 3000 VIC
Contact person / email: Dr Allan Lee, Allan.Lee@petermac.org
Radiology fellow: Currently several positions available, both part time and full time. Currently fixed term extending between April 2023 to January 2025. The Radiology Fellow will divide their time between cross sectional reporting in CT and MRI, and occasionally ultrasound. There are also opportunities to perform basic interventional procedures and be involved in the many research projects within the hospital. Research interests are welcome, and participation in pre-existing or new research projects for presentation or publication is strongly encouraged. Time will be allocated weekly to support research or other professional development activities. The Radiology Fellow will participate in a 1 in 10 on-call roster, and will also lead and attend multi-disciplinary meetings. We have the following specialty tumour streams in Head & Neck, Breast, Upper GI, Colorectal, Gynaecology, Melanoma, Sarcoma, Thoracic, Genitourinary and Neuro-Oncology. 

Apply via: https://careers.petermac.org/job-invite/940/ 

The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, VIC

Who can apply:  Post FRANZCR or equivalent (Advanced training fellowships)
Name of Institution: The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Grattan St, Parkville VIC 3052
Contact person / email: Wayland Wang, Director of Training - wayland.wang@mh.org.au
Body Imaging Fellowship: 1 year. The RMH offers a broad scope in abdominal imaging, particularly with a focus on MRI in hepatopancreaticobiliary, colorectal, IBD and prostate applications. The fellow will engage in a variety of MDMs including HPB, HCC, CRC, IBD and urology, all supported by experienced subspecialists in the field. The RMH also offers a robust contrast-enhanced ultrasound service focusing on hepatic and renal pathologies, and the fellow is offered the opportunity to take part in a variety of percutaneous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane QLD 

Who can apply: Post FRANZCR (ANZ candidates) or equivalent (international candidates)
Name of Institution: The Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. Cnr Butterfield St and Bowen Bridge Road, Herston, QLD 4019
Contact person /email: Dr Tim Wastney Timothy.Wastney@health.qld.gov.au
Body fellow: (1 position) 1 year commencing Feb 2022. This fellowship includes abdominal and pelvic imaging, with the option to include chest. Fellows will get exposure to all aspects of abdominal and pelvic imaging and associated MDTs, including hepatobiliary, colorectal, urology, gynae-oncology, upper GI, gastroenterology, IBD, and pelvic exenteration. Fellows are expected to take part in research and Registrar teaching. 

Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide SA 

Who can apply:  Post  FRANZCR
Name of Institution: SAMI – Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital, 72 King William Road, North Adelaide SA 5006
Contact person / email: Dr. Andrea Glynn – Director of Training. Andrea.glynn@sa.gov.au
Paediatric and Women’s Imaging Fellowship: Not every year.  Particularly for those wanting to pursue a career path in paediatric imaging.  There is some abdominal imaging included in the paediatric caseload.  Women’s imaging is predominantly obstetric and pre and post term gynaecology. 

Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth WA 

Who can apply:  Post  FRANZCR
Name of Institution: Fiona Stanley Hospital. 11 Robin Warren Dr, Murdoch WA 6150 www.fsh.health.wa.gov.au
Contact person / email: Radiology Admin Ms Julie Neale  julianne.neale@health.wa.gov.au
Body Imaging / Abdominal Fellowship: 12 monthly supervised Fellowships commencing either February or August. 

Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand 

Who can apply:  Post  FRANZCR
Name of Institution: Christchurch Hospital (Cantebury District Health Board) 2 Riccarton Ave, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact person / email: Dr Alex Mchaffie; Alexandra.Mchaffie@cdhb.health.nz
Abdominal Imaging Fellowship: 1 year. Diagnostic radiology.  Supervisor Dr Joel Dunn
Women’s Imaging Fellowship: 1 year. Can be combined with paediatrics, on request.  Supervisor Rachel Belsham
Other Fellowships also available. 

Mercy Radiology Auckland, New Zealand 

Who can apply: FRANZCR qualified radiologist
Name of Institution: Mercy Radiology. Auckland clinics. New Zealand
Contact person / email: Remy Lim rlim@radiology.co.nz
Body Oncology Fellowship: 6-12 months. Body oncology MRI/CT and PET/CT. There is high volume of both private and outsourced public advanced imaging with strong oncology focus. Rostering will be based on 4 days as fellow and 1 day private associate radiologist. The fellow will actively participate in the performance and interpretation of studies. Fellows are expected to attend various in house MDMs and are encouraged to participate in research projects. 

Pacific Radiology Christchurch, New Zealand 

Who can apply:  Post  FRANZCR
Name of Institution: Pacific Radiology, Southern Cross Hospital, 129 Bealey Ave, Christchurch, NZ
Contact person / email: Dr. Justin Hegarty justin.hegarty@pacificradiology.com
Abdomino-pelvic Fellowship: 12 monthly run annually. High volume private abdomino-pelvic MRI and CT, with option of including oncology PET-CT if desired.  

Pacific Radiology Wellington, New Zealand 

Who can apply:  Post  FRANZCR
Name of Institution:  Pacific Radiology, Wakefield Hospital, 99 Rintoul St, Wellington 6021 NZ
Contact person / email: Dr. Joe Feltham joe.feltham@pacificradiology.com
Abdomino-pelvic Fellowship: yearly for 12 months, focused on abdomino-pelvic MRI and CTC, but can incorporate minor intervention and PET-CT if desired. High volume of both private and public advanced imaging, with strong oncology focus. 4 days as fellow, 1 day private associate radiologist 

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