ARGANZ Education and Research grants are a new initiative designed to support and encourage ARGANZ radiologist members (and eligible trainees) wishing to undertake educational or research activities in abdominal / pelvic diagnostic or interventional radiology. Examples include: 

  • Online learning tool or app development, creating content, or publishing validated teaching sets 
  • Research projects with external costs, such as statistical data analysis or equipment 
  • Clinical trials involving non-Medicare funded abdominal imaging examinations (which may be eligible for partial funding) 

The pool of funds available for distribution each year is subject to change on an annual basis, as determined by the ARGANZ executive committee. 

Applicants may apply for any amount required for their project, up to the maximum of AUD$20,000, however the amount allocated will be at the discretion of the ARGANZ Committee. 

Applications from trainees must be assessed and endorsed by a mentor or supervisor before submission, who should give guidance in respect of the preparation and presentation of the research plan and budget. 

Applications will be assessed by a review panel, using the criteria listed in the terms and conditions. Whilst previous research or educational project experience will be highly regarded, members with no significant record are also encouraged to apply. 

Those successful in being awarded funding will be expected to present their research or educational project at an ARGANZ meeting. 

Full terms and conditions can be found HERE 

Application forms can be found HERE 

Please note: Grants are subject to change on an annual basis. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Any updates will be published on the ARGANZ website. 

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