A dedicated session for registrars, the School of ARGANZ takes place as a mock viva for the Part 2 exam presented by RANZCR (Part II) abdominal examiners.

For those registrars coming up to their exams, there will be an opportunity to take the hot seat and be shown cases by examiners, and receive feedback and advice on how best to prepare for their exam. For the more junior registrars, this is a great setting to observe and there may be an opportunity to take the hot seat (subject to availability).
The School of ARGANZ is presented by abdominal examiners on the Sunday morning of the annual ARGANZ meeting at the meeting venue.

Breakfast is included with no additional charge, but pre-registration is required for catering purposes. Attendees need to register for the ARGANZ meeting as either a day or full registration. Limited opportunities may be offered to register for the Sunday morning session only, at the Executive’s discretion.

You can view sample Part 2 exam questions in the new OSCER format, presented at ARGANZ 2023 under Resources/ ‘templates and guides’ if you are logged in as a website user.

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