• 2023

    1st Prize: Dr Anuja Liyanage, Auckland - “Accuracy of MRI in predicting depth of myometrial invasion in endometrial cancer and the influence of the presence of leiomyoma, adenomyosis and MELF”

    2nd Prize: Dr Rishabh Verma, Gold Coast - ““Imaging of immature teratomas – Suggestive features of immaturity”

  • 2022

    1st Prize: Dr Huey Ming Seah, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA – ”Assessment of a single pass venous phase CT chest, abdomen and pelvis and dual energy CT in general oncology outpatients”

    2nd Prize: Dr Arpit Talwar, St. Vincent’s Hospital, VIC – ”Non-prostate cancer tumours: Incidence on 18F-DCFPyL PSMA PET/CT and uptake characteristics in 1445 patients.”

  • 2021

    1st Prize: Dr Shrivuthsun Srigandan, Royal Perth Hospital, WA – “Correlation between Hepatorenal Index and Attenuation Imaging for assessing hepatic steatosis” 

    2nd Prize: Dr Arpit Talwar, St. Vincent’s Hospital, VIC– “[18F]DCFPyL PET/CT in detection and localisation of recurrent prostate cancer following prostatectomy including low PSA < 0.5 ng/mL” 

  • 2020

    No prize awarded

  • 2019

    1st prize: Dr Michael Chan, Concord Repatriation General Hospital, NSW
    “HCC screening for high risk patients who have suboptimal screening ultrasound: A screening protocol with abbreviated, non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging”

    2nd prize: Dr Jonathan Dillon, St Vincent’s Hospital, Imaging Associates, VIC
    “Can a computer learn how to detect prostate cancer on a multiparametric prostate MRI scan?”

  • 2018

    1st prize: Dr Danielle Richmond,  Austin Health, VIC.
    “Incidental hepatic steatosis on unenhanced computed tomography performed for renal colic in the emergency department: prevalence and reporting trends”.

    2nd prize: Dr Jonathan Hall, St Vincent’s Hospital, VIC.
    “Renal abscess: Clinical factors and associated radiological features”

  • 2017

    1st Prize: Dr Rajeev Deva, Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD.
    “Radiogenomics in clear cell renal carcinoma: Initial evidence for associations between CT heterogeneity , gene mutation count and survival”

    2nd Prize: Dr Nicholas Cheung, Royal Hobart Hospital, TAS.
    “Role of Diffusion weighted imaging sequence for diagnosis of adult and paediatric Crohn’s disease”

  • 2016

    1st Prize: Dr Nicole Harris, Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC. 
    “Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse accuracy and the impact of hepatic steatosis on liver fibrosis staging” 

    2nd Prize: Dr Gurjeet Dulku, Royal Perth Hospital, WA.   
    ” Inter-observer variation of polyp measurement at CT colonography: implications to clinical management”

  • 2015

    1st Prize: Dr Janelle D’Souza , Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, WA. 
    “Assessment of sample adequacy from percutaneous liver biopsy” 

    2nd Prize: Dr Mitchell Raeside, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA.   
    “The additional value of multiparametric prostate MRI in routine practice: An audit of dominant nodule detection and T3 extension at 1.5T” 

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