Published on 18 February 2024

By Arjuna Somasundaram


In a retrospective study including almost 3000 patients, Professor Perry Pickhardt and his team evaluated the detection of moderate hepatic steatosis on portal venous phase CT using artificial intelligence.

In an interesting outcome, portal venous phase CT had fairly high sensitivity and specificity for detection of moderate hepatic steatosis based solely on liver attenuation values (77.8% sensitivity and 93.2% specificity at less than 80HU, and 90.5% sensitivity and 78.4$ specificity at less than 90 HU). This outperformed postcontrast liver-spleen attenuation difference measurements.

The article is viewable at: AJR – Detection of Moderate Hepatic Steatosis on Portal Venous Phase Contrast-Enhanced CT: Evaluation Using an Automated Artificial Intelligence Tool


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