Published on 11 March 2020

By Kirsten Gormly

There were 20 ANZ delegates at the recent SAR (Society of Abdominal Radiology) meeting in Hawaii. Dr Kirsten Gormly (SA) was an invited plenary speaker on rectal MRI and gave a workshop on peritoneal disease, and Dr Rajeev Jyoti (ACT) presented at a workshop on Prostate MR.

Kirsten took the opportunity to discuss future ARGANZ-SAR relations with the current and incoming SAR presidents, Jonathan Kruskal and Desiree Morgan and generally raise the profile of abdominal radiology in Australia & New Zealand.

Jessica Yang (NSW) co-ordinated an ARGANZ dinner which was a great way for ANZ delegates to meet up and discuss ideas.  Overall it was a very good meeting, facilitating shared learning among ANZ delegates from different centres and re-confirming that we are performing very high quality imaging locally.

Here are some images from the meeting.

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