Published on 16 August 2023

By Kirsten Gormly

The ARGANZ Mendelson Research Prize is awarded to a RANZCR accredited radiology registrar for the best oral presentation of original research in abdominal imaging at the ARGANZ annual scientific meeting.

The prize winner receives the generous prize of a trip to Europe to attend the ESGAR conference, including flights, accommodation and registration.

Past winners Crystal Seah and Michael Chan share their ESGAR experience:


Michael Chan (2019 MRP winner) 

Thank you for MRP from ARGANZ to support my attendance ESGAR 2023 at Valencia, Spain. The attendance was long over-due related to COVID and I appreciate the executive members past and present who have allowed for flexibility. I found the ESGAR 2023 conference very educational and enlightening to see how subspecialist radiologists troubleshoot difficult situations or found innovative solutions for abdominal pathology. It was fantastic to see a large contingent from Australia and New Zealand participate at the conference, catch-up and receive insightful opinions from senior colleagues.

From a scientific perspective, it was encouraging to see more poster presentations and widespread consideration for topics previously presented at ARGANZ at ESGAR 2023, identifying common issues requiring iterative advances. It was also a pleasure to help supervise registrars to also put forward scientific contributions for ESGAR 2023. I wish future trainees MRP candidates the best and to consider research as a complimentary part of clinical practice.


Crystal Seah (MRP 2022 winner)

Firstly, I am beyond honoured to be awarded the Mendelson Research Prize and it still feels surreal to be the prize winner for 2022. ESGAR 2023 was held in Valencia, Spain from 13-16 June. It was an eye-opening experience being a first-time attendee to an abdominal subspecialty conference in Europe. It was very interesting seeing the differences in first line investigation choices and management options between the different countries. It was also a privilege to be able to network with many radiologists around the world.

The ESGAR program was in my opinion well-designed and thoughtfully planned, with sessions available for radiologists with various interests.

The most notable sessions for me from ESGAR 2023 were the contrast-enhanced ultrasound, deep learning reconstruction MRI and the tricky cases sessions.

I would like to thank the ARGANZ committee again for providing me the opportunity to attend ESGAR 2023.


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