ARGANZ Online Learning

ARGANZ Online Learning

Missing The ARGANZ Meeting This Weekend?

Have a desire for some abdomino-pelvic learning?

The ARGANZ executive has some suggestions for you.

Preferably log in to the ARGANZ website first at so the ARGANZ website links will take you directly to the relevant pages.

1. Peruse many of the accepted scientific and educational posters for the 2020 meeting online HERE

2. Did you know PI-RADS version 2.1 was released in late 2019?? The new guidelines can be found HERE with some helpful summary slides of the changes between PI-RADS v 2 and 2.1 HERE

PI Rads

3. OMG, O-RADS is here! Just when you had your head around IOTA for adnexal masses, along comes O-RADS for ultrasound and MRI. Find out more about the O-RADS system for classifying adnexal masses HERE  with a risk stratification summary page HERE


4. We have also selected a few of our favourite lectures from the 2019 ARGANZ meeting which can be found on the ARGANZ website HERE

  • Assoc Prof Koenraad Mortele - Cystic neoplasms of the pancreas: imaging pearls and management [Session 1]
  • Asst Prof Alessandro Furlan - The challenging lesions in cirrhosis [Session 2A]
  • Dr Mark Goodwin – Cholangiocarcinoma [Session 1]
  • Dr Bridget Sutton - US for abnormal uterine bleeding [Session 3A]
  • Dr James Seow - The misty mesentery [Session 5]

5. Listen to this months free RABinar from Radiology Across Borders. Dr Lisa Tarlington will present "PSMA PET MRI prostate learnings and advanced mpMRI prostate cases" on Wednesday April 8, 2020 7:00 PM AEST. Register HERE

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